Decisio is an economic policy research and consulting firm. We are specialized in economic analyses like (social) cost benefit analysis, economic impact studies, policy evaluations and monitoring.

They developed the concept of bikenomics and walkonomics, by applying the economic tools in the field of cycling, walking and sustainable transport.

Decisio | Economic Consulting has a broad experience in the field of economic research and consulting with regard to the bicycle’s impact on society, cycling and bikenomics.

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the city and country ‘par excellence’ for cycling, we are able to conceive this extensive knowledge on the benefits of cycling to cities and countries.

In Torino (Italy) we started an Italian venture, with Italian colleagues. The combined knowledge of our Amsterdam and Torino team gives us the perfect work base to implement the Dutch lessons in less developed cycling cities and regions.

Our consultants at Decisio are familiar with the sensitivities and interests of the different parties/stakeholders involved, and are therefore able to take these into account in the process of research and advising.

During the last few years we specialized in:

  • Research on insights in all social costs and benefits of cycling and walking (SCBA and EIS method)
  • Economic impact analyses of the city ‘cycling’ economy
  • Regional and Municipal cycling and walking visions, strategies and plans
  • Feasibility studies and business cases for:
    • The effects of investments in cycling infrastructure and policy measures, also compared to other modalities.
    • Bicycle parkings, facilities and measures
  • Mobility scans
  • Market inventories

Our offer

The Decisio Bikenomics Consulting Team is at your disposal for any enquiries with regard to your city cycling projects, investments or measures.

We are more than happy to discuss with you the contents of your bicycle projects and give an overview of what the economic bicycle experts of Decisio can contribute to your project. For instance, with regard to societal and economic impact of the project, the business case and/or feasibility of it.



Martijn Lelieveld

Martijn Lelieveld

Senior Adviser

Paolo Ruffino

Paolo Ruffino

Senior Adviser

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