FietsDock is an innovative and automatic way to park bikes smart, safe and simple, which saves public space and costs for the owner.

The modular bike garage consists of lockers for all kinds of bikes (e-bikes, bikes with basket etc.), in which bikes can be parked safe and in which there is enough space for other stuff, like (shopping) bags, rain gear and helmet. Batteries of e-bikes can be loaded at the parking as well. The process is short and simple: the customer opens the door with his app on his mobile phone, parks the bike and closes the door. That’s it. The robot elevator picks up the locker with the bike, stores it in a free space and puts an empty locker behind the door and then it’s ready for the next bike. Meanwhile, other doors can be opened and many bikes can be parked and picked up at the same time.

The facility can be placed at every location where there is a need for secured bike parking, from about 100/150 bikes and FietsDock can be expanded to thousands. Based on peak times, the number of doors and robot elevators will be calculated in order to secure a prompt flow. Locations can be residential or office buildings, city and shopping centers and public transportation facilities. FietsDock can be established as mobility hub with services like shared biking, delivery, drop off and bike repair.

By using proven technologies from the logistic sector, human actions are minimalized and that’s why it’s safer, easier and faster to park bikes. For the owner or municipality, it’s more efficient, because costs are lower, the number of parked bikes per m3 is higher and additional services generate turnover.


Lisette Van Velzen

Lisette Van Velzen

Marketing and Project Manager

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