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Final day of the trade mission Colombia 2018

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On our last day of the trade mission to Colombia, we got to do some serious cycling in Bogotá!

A group of early birds cycled up one of the mountains surrounding Bogotá, joined by the Dutch Embassador in Bogotá, Jeroen Roodenburg. The group then participated in the worldwide known Ciclovía, a car free zone on Sunday from 07:00 to 14:00. It involves around 120 km of streets, used by over 2 million people! Cycling through a part of the city, we were impressed by the number of people participating in this event. Very interesting to see that a city this big can dedicate a large part of the center to cyclists, a part usually defined by serious congestion. The city of Bogotá used this opportunity to present their Registro Bici: an initiative to fight bicycle theft in Bogotá. Bicycle theft, like in the Netherlands, is a serious problem in Bogota.

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As the GDP per capita in Bogotá is lower drastically lower, theft reduction is evident to increase the number of cyclists in Bogotá. The system is similar to the Dutch way. By engraving a code into the bicycle, you have an unique code. You register this code online to your personal account, where you can add photos of the bike. Some of the local participants registered their bicycle the same day at the BiciGo fair, where we had our last day to promote cycling in Colombia. It was a very interesting and productive mission, where we had the chance to inspire Colombian people and they in their turn inspired us!

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