Workshop: Mobility Hubs in Istanbul

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Dutch Cycling Embassy organizes digital ThinkBike Workshop focused on creating mobility hubs in Istanbul.

Last month, the Dutch Cycling Embassy organized a digital ThinkBike Workshop in Istanbul. The workshop, initiated and supported by the Consulates General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Kingdom of Denmark in Istanbul aimed to highlight the contribution cycling and walking on integrated urban mobility policy, through which a healthier, happier, and more resilient city can be promoted. To do so, the Netherlands Consulate in Istanbul contacted the Dutch Cycling Embassy and requested to organize a ThinkBike Workshop to achieve the goals defined in the earlier workshop with World Resources Institute.

The ThinkBike Workshop was divdided into four separate sessions, spread out over two days, and was hold digitally due to covid travel-limitations. During the four sessions, a variety of experts shared their expertise and vision on mobility hubs in general and the selected case in Istanbul in particular. The workshop was joined by a variety of government officials from the City of Istanbul, but also included other stakeholders.

The ambition for the workshop was twofold:

  • To provide the theoretical basis and practical tools on mobility hubs.
  • To provide different perspectives on the current challenges regarding the transformation into a mobility hub by challenging the participants which reflective questions.

When both ambitions are met, the participants would be well prepared to answer (most of the) central questions for this workshop. By inviting a variety of experts from both the Netherlands and Denmark, the participants of the workshops were connected to a large body of knowledge and expertise in the field of mobility hub, which resulted in strong capacity building and knowledge transfer.


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