The Board of the Dutch Cycling Embassy is formed by three of our cycling experts:


Johan Diepens Director of Mobycon

Johan Diepens
Director of Mobycon

Mobility is one of the core elements of society. Being able to move from A to B does not only affect your health and well-being, it also affects the economy and your social life. Mobility shapes our cities and the environment we live in. That is what fascinates me about our field of work.
As founder and director of Mobycon, I enable interaction between people. For example, a new cycle route through a downtown area, will enable new retail and increased economic vitality in that area. This shows that smart mobility solutions can really boost the quality of our society. A society where all people enjoy their living environment, their work, and the way they move around. A society where everybody arrives home safely every night.

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Herbert Tiemens Senior Cycling policy advisor at Province of Utrecht

Herbert Tiemens
Senior Cycling policy advisor at Province of Utrecht

Educated as urban planner Herbert worked for the last 18 years for governments on different scales about traffic related issues and cycling in particular. The challenge for him is to combine short term improvements with policies that work on a long-term. In his current position Herbert works for the Province of Utrecht as policy advisor. Moreover, he is a member of the advisory board of Fietsberaad, the Dutch knowledge center of cycle expertise. His specialties are integrated spatial plan development and street design. Herbert likes creating bicycle-friendly infrastructure especially in the field of combining public transport and cycling. Being a regular speaker at conferences at home and abroad, Herbert’s presentations are vivid and mixed with personal quotes.

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Ruben Loendersloot Director of Loendersloot Groep

Ruben Loendersloot
Director of Loendersloot Groep

Ruben is a positive driven an pragmatic traffic planner at the Loendersloot Groep. He works for municipalities, governments, institutions and enterprises as consultant, project manager and innovator. A lot of his projects are related to bicycle traffic, traffic management and traffic design. Ruben is results-oriented: He enjoys the challenge to find the best solution wherever difficult traffic issues arise. Regarding cycling, Ruben has expertise in the areas of bike policy plans, management of bike projects, research on super cycle highways and IT and biking (e.g. designing dynamic green waves). Ruben has a degree in town and traffic planning and is experienced in moderating sessions and workshops.

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