4Wieler is a small but dedicated 4 wheel bike development and construction company. Located in Leiden in the Netherlands they build, market and sell the Solo, Duo and Cargo (= Bykkar) 4 wheel bikes. In the past Solo and Duo models were mainly sold to health care institutions and end users, mostly elderly and disabled people. Although this segment of the market is important, the bikes can also be used for many other purposes.

The bikes have a very good looking design and can be used e.g. for recreation and holiday for both the young and the old. Or for the transportation of cargo in old city centers with historic value. 4Wieler is now planning new models especially for these markets. In Leiden they will start a bike sharing project with the Duo models and rent them as well to tourists and visitors. In the near future they plan to expand the business to neighbouring countries and for that they are looking for partners.



Robert van Hees

Robert van Hees

Owner / Director