Change the world, one bicycle at a time

We want to change the world and we start at your bike! Cycling on a unique bike with a beautiful social story is now a real option with a Ferander Bamboo bike. Unique because every frame has been handmade out of bamboo. Bamboo is natural product with great advantages in weight and shock absorption. Did you know that bamboo absorbs up to 70% more CO2 out of our air compared to a normal forest?
But this is not only a story about nature and design but most important about impact! Young people in Ghana will have a future thanks to your bike. Every customer who buys a Ferander bike delivers 80 hours of employment to Ghana. Youngsters develop real craftsmanship and entrepreneurial skills. They often provide for their entire family! Ferander likes to add even more to this and therefore we split our profit equally with Africa, this way we can support the further development of employment for young people in Africa. So we are really doing something to change the world, will you join us?