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5 days- 5 cities: During their stay in the Netherlands, the “Baton Rouge Area Foundation” (BRAF) visited five major Dutch cities.

Over the course of their visit, representatives of the nonprofit organization from Louisiana, USA met with various local experts to learn about the Dutch way of transportation and mobility.

BRAF's visit was designed to support the organization's main objective - making Baton Rouge a better place to live and work. The Dutch Cycling Embassy was asked to help BRAF understand how to address obstacles that currently inhibit the establishment of a cycling culture in Louisiana.
The group listened to several presentations and discussed with city planners, officials, private companies and architects from the DCE network. In addition, BRAF members got the chance to discover Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam on bicycle, guided by Pascal van den Noort, Dorian Lohmann and José Oudijk.

Looking forward, we hope that Baton Rouge succeeds in becoming a more bike-friendly city in the near future.

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Louisiana 2

Louisiana 2

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