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City. Transport. Ecology Forum in Ukraine


Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lviv, Ukraine organized the second Forum “CITY.TRANSPORT.ECOLOGY”. 

The forum held last Friday, the 30th of September, focused on the bicycle as the ‘greenest’ form of city transport. The target of the forum was to summarize  the achievements and shape cycling infrastructure plans and projects. It also provided a platform for eco-directed business to exchange ideas and draw attention to the rules and culture of traffic involving cyclists. There were various presentations to discuss ‘hot topic’ issues in the cycling planning world, such as global experience in cycling infrastructure, community involvement, and atmospheric implications of vehicle traffic.

Dirk de Jager from Sustainable Solutions, represented the Dutch Cycling Embassy with an informative Skype webinar about  how the Dutch transitioned from the car to the cycle. There was an overview of the policies and political motivations the Netherlands currently practices. 

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