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Social project in Brazil initiated

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Last June the DCE took part in the Velo-city 2018 in Rio. Here, a social project was funded with Folkersma. 

During this event, together with Folkersma Routing & Sign, we each donated € 1.500,- to a project devoted to bicycle related social projects in favelas in Rio. Currently, a bike sharing program is being rolled out in the municipality of Queimados, Rio de Janeiro to provide people with low income a healthy means of transport. Cycling in Rio de Janeiro has long been a middle class activity, and Ameciclo wants this make this activity possible for all inhabitants. By the end of January, Ameciclo will start a workshop to produce bamboo bicycles. Daniel Valenca of Ameciclo: “The bamboo bikes will be part of the bike share program, made by the community, so they can also have an extra income and new profession in the very near future. It is a dream that is about to become true, you are all part of that, thanks a lot!” We look forward to the start of this workshop and will keep you up to date with any news regarding this project.


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