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ThinkBike Workshop Montreuil - Day 1

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The Thinkbike Workshop taking place in Montreuil, a city East of Paris, started on the 16th of January 2019.

The day started with an introduction of the different participants. The Dutch experts present are Stefan Bendiks and Clement Gay of Artgineering and Bas Govers of Goudappel. The core team comprises people from different departments at the city of Montreuil but also people from neighbouring cities such as Pantin. Also present are people from the group of cities and the people from the ‘département’ and from the greater region Ile-de-France.
The morning was dedicated to a presentation of demographic and socio-economic data of the city and neighbouring areas and then a presentation of the objectives and first actions taken as part of the city bicycle plan (‘Plan vélo’).

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Then, the whole group started the bicycle tour of the city to visit different places where the city has already taken action to improve cycling and also to see the different study cases that will be discussed during the following days.
The bicycle tour resumed in the afternoon which was the opportunity to visit areas farther away from the city centre. We stopped at other study cases which were the opportunity to understand the ongoing changes for these areas (the arrival of a new tramway line for example) and start discussion on the approach from the Dutch in similar cases.
The end of the day was dedicated to a discussion of what was discovered during the day and the approach for the next following days.
In the evening, the cycling community and the larger public gathered at a community theatre to watch the movie ‘Why we cycle’. 250 people came to the projection of the movie. After the movie, members of the audience asked questions to the experts on different aspects of the bicycle and bicycle planning in the Netherlands.

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