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Study visit from Darwin, Australia

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On January 22nd, Mrs. Cruickshank from Darwin, Australia visited Utrecht.

Mrs. Cruickshank from the Northern Territory Dept. of Infrastructure, Planning & Logistics wanted to experience the Dutch way of cycling with the goal of investigating cycling policies and programs, in order to implement this in her home country.

Bas Hendriksen from the Loendersloot Groep led the tour: “Usually the Dutch Cycle tours that I accompany on behalf of the DCE in the City of Utrecht take place in the spring or autumn, but last Tuesday coincidentally it was the first snow of the year. With 2300 kilometers of traffic jams on the motorways that same day, a great opportunity to show that Dutch people cycle under any circumstances on their way to work, school, family or wherever they have to go.”

The bicycle tour led along cycle paths, bicycle streets, over the (partly heated) Dafne Schippers bridge to the new Leidsche Rijn residential area. What was particularly notable was the silence: although you cycle in a city with almost 400,000 inhabitants, there are plenty of cycle routes where you barely encounter a car. In the historic city center of Utrecht, there are many examples to tell the story very appealing to international visitors: from car domination in the 60's & 70's in Utrecht step by step to a real cycling and walking city, where both Dutch as internationals like to enjoy the highly livable city center.

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