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European Masterplan for Cycling

Recently, Dutch Bicycle Council CROW reported on the Pan-European Master Plan for Cycling Promotion (PEP).

If it's up to the United Nations and World Health Organisation, a European Bicycling Masterplan will be created, in which 20% of the transport budget will be allocated to walking and cycling. According to this plan, the Netherlands currently spends approximately 7% of the transport budget on cycling, about €30 per inhabitant per year. However, the Netherlands is still evidently leading when it comes to cycling, with no less than 27% of all trips being done by bike. Denmark comes in second, with a cycling share of 17,5%, followed by Germany, Sweden and Finland all below 10%.

Both the UN and WHO are aiming for doubling the bicycle share by 2030. Next to this, cycling casualties per cycled kilometer should halve. To achieve this, durable investments must be made in cycling infrastructure and cycling promotion. The plan highlights that the bicycle is much more than just an alternative way of transportation. It also contributes to health, environment, preventing poverty and improving gender equality.

The news item of Dutch Bicycle Council CROW (in Dutch) can be found here. To review the draft of the PEP, please click here.

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