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Dutch e-bike sales beats regular bike sales

Looking back on the Dutch cycling year of 2018: over a million bicycles sold, 40% of them e-bikes.

With this percentage, e-bike sales in the Netherlands passes the 'regular' bicycle, which comes in second at 34%. The RAI Association reports on the seemingly never ending Dutch summer of last year, strong economic position and the increasing interest in e-bikes as main causes for the revenue of more than €1,22 billion. Cycling is becoming "the new status quo", according to RAI.

This was underlined by Saskia Kluit, from the Dutch Cyclists' Union. During an early breakfast session on the first day of the Bike Motion Benelux convention, she once more highlighted the value of cycling, as means of regular mode of transportation and commuting. She stresses the durable and social benefits of cycling, whereafter challenging the audience to come up with a single mobility issue to which cycling wasn't the solution. In her view the bicycle is the answer. We couldn't agree more.

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