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Cargoroo wins EU Startup Prize for Mobility

Cargaroo met Karima Delli chairwomen of the committee on Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament

Cargoroo was awarded with the prestigious European Startup Prize for Mobility.

Last Thursday, e-cargo bike sharing platform and active Dutch Cycling Embassy network participant, Cargoroo was one of the ten winners of the European Startup Prize for Mobilty. This prestigious prize celebrates and enables breakthrough innovations that will shape the transport and mobility landscape in Europe (and beyond). It supports startups to develop sustainable mobility innovations, with the aim of giving them the necessary resources to scale up within Europe.

We congratulate the Cargoroo team on this milestone! Please find the official press release below.

Amsterdam/Brussels, 12 April 2019

Cargoroo electric cargo bike wins European mobility prize
Prince Albert II of Monaco presents award to Amsterdam startup

AMSTERDAM/BRUSSELS - Cargoroo has won the silver European Startup Prize for Mobility with its electric neighbourhood cargo bike. The Amsterdam startup was awarded the prestigious prize last night in Brussels by Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The startup prize supports groundbreaking innovations in sustainable mobility in the EU. In total, 570 startups entered the second edition, 50 of which reached the finals. The ten winners were announced last night.

They included the Dutch company, Cargoroo. The mobility startup by Jaron Borensztajn, Jelle Maijer and Erik de Winter started last year with a pilot in Haarlem (The Netherlands) and is currently expanding into national and international cities. Cargoroo also received a subsidy from the EU recently to do pilots with e-mobility hubs in seven cities in five countries.

Cargoroo is a smart electric neighbourhood cargo bike that can be used by families and small businesses and that are available at fixed locations in urban districts. They pay a user fee per hour or per day whenever they need the neighbourhood cargo bike. People can use it for shopping or to take the kids to the sports field, school, park or the beach. They use the cargo bike as a (second) car, as it were, without getting stuck in traffic. A sustainable solution that saves money and time. The initiative was praised by the jury, which, by awarding the prize, endorses the importance of the electric shared cargo bike as an environmentally friendly alternative to the car. The slim and manoeuvrable two-wheeled cargo bike has been specially developed for shared use in collaboration with the manufacturer, Urban Arrow.

The European Mobility Startup Prize is the most important award in Europe for sustainable mobility initiatives. It helps startups like Cargoroo to raise funds and scale up within Europe. During the selection process, competitors were judged on criteria such as innovation, market potential and environmental impact. In this respect, Cargoroo turned out to be one of the European champions.

The Amsterdam startup is delighted with the prize. According to co-founder, Erik de Winter, Cargoroo offers only advantages. "A shared cargo bike is much more practical than the car for moving your belongings or children through the busy city: no more traffic jams, parking problems and delays. An electric cargo bike gives a feeling of freedom”, he says. "Isn't it nice that you don't have to buy it yourself. After all, it's a considerable purchase and also something to worry about. Now you only pay for the time that you use it. That's what you want for every parent, but also for small entrepreneurs in the city. And you're helping the city to have more people leave their car behind. After all, an electric shared cargo bike is a perfect alternative means of transport for distances of up to 20 kilometres."

Want to know more about Cargoroo? Please visit their website, at www.cargoroo.eu or pay them a visit during the International Cargo Bike Festival, June 14-16 in Groningen.

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