The best way to experience the Dutch cycling culture is to come to the Netherlands and cycle. For this purpose, we offer tailored cycling tours to you and your whole team. Depending on your interests and time constraints, we can plan a short city tour or an expanded trip through rural areas.

Additionally, we offer a variety of different presentations and lectures on cycling and related topics. Whether you are interested in a broad overview on Dutch cycling or want to learn more about infrastructure, political support, or safety, the Dutch Cycling Embassy can provide you with the expert information you need.
  • Keynote speakers

    Our bicycle experts are available to deliver keynote speeches at conferences and seminars all over the world. The DCE makes sure it connects you with the right Dutch bicycle expert who can customize his presentations to the needs of your city or your country. This could involve: accessibility, design, bike safety, livability, sustainability, economic benefits, health, marketing, network issues, etc.

    Fees: daily/hourly rates and travel expenses

  • Excursions

    The DCE can organize day excursions (one day or multiple days) for groups visiting the Netherlands. This entails visiting Dutch cities or regions by bikes where various examples of Dutch infrastructure and facilities will be shown. In addition to the bike trip, the group will get an overview and presentation of the Dutch bike culture, followed by an interactive discussion among participants. The entire program will be made in close cooperation with the group and tailored to their needs.

    Fees: daily/hourly rates and travel expenses

  • Dutch Cycling Tour (DCT)

    The Dutch Cycling Tour is a one-day program especially put together for professionals and decision makers (or a broader audience if so desired). In this program “experiencing” and “learning” are key. The participants take part in a guided bike tour where they stop at either cafes or other specific locations in a particular town or city where they can talk with the locals and the business community on the local biking culture or on the Dutch biking culture as a whole. Every conversation highlights a different aspect of biking. Stories are told about local experiences, what needs there still are with regard to bike infrastructure or bike facilities. At the same time, the participants are introduced to a variety of Dutch bike products, such as bikes, accessories, etc. Concluding, and based on the information gathered during the day, a discussion led by the Dutch expert will take place on the acquired knowledge and how this can be put into use in the cities of participating decision makers. It could also be an incentive for a follow-up session, if needed.

    Fees: daily/hourly rates and travel expenses

  • Holland Stand on Bike Fairs or Bike Conferences

    To draw bigger crowds at Bike fairs and Bike conferences, the DCE can assist Embassies around the world to set up a Holland Stand. This stand would showcase a wide range of creative and innovative bike products, services, activities, accessories, original gift ideas, etc. If desired, a special presentation by a Dutch bike expert can be part of the package and draw an even wider audience. DCE can organize and manage the whole process of setting up the Holland Stand, including the design, assembly, staffing, disassembly, POC with the event organizers as well as communication around the event (flyers, press, social media, etc.).

    Fees: daily/hourly rates and travel expenses

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